Mortara Eli 250 Electrocardiograph RPI's vehicles are equipped with Mortara Eli 250 interpretive electrocardiogram (ECG) machines. These interpretive units allow a preliminary strip and reading to be left on the patient’s chart for physician viewing. RPI's professional staff members have been extensively trained in the proper techniques to obtain accurate tracings even under the most difficult testing conditions. Once an ECG is performed, the data is transmitted into our ECG management system to allow for cardiologist interpretation and comparison with previous examinations.

  • An electrocardiogram can detect evidence of myocardial infarction, cardiac abnormalities and arrhythmia
  • 20 mobile units equipped with the latest ECG machines to respond quickly to your resident's needs
  • Interpretive machines allow preliminary results to be left on patient's charts
  • Electronic storage of tracings allow for automatic comparison of studies
  • ECG studies performed by our staff are interpreted by U.S. based Board certified cardiologists




Additional Services

  • Employee Services
  • Bone Mineral Density studies (coming soon)
  • Images and Reports Available Online