RPI provides Holter monitoring services, which aid in diagnosing patients who exhibit syncope, heart palpitations, symptoms of pacemaker malfunctions, and other cardiac problems. Patients receive the studies in the privacy of their own room.

Although a patient demonstrates a normal ECG, Holter recording for 24 continuous hours can detect cardiac arrhythmia which may occur during normal routines or while sleeping. Such ambulatory monitoring provides a more complete study of the heart’s electrical activity over an extended period of time.

Holter MonitoringEach of our reports contains patient identification, sample strips of abnormalities, hourly tabulations of the heart rate data and any detected arrhythmias. All studies are interpreted by our staff of Board certified cardiologists.

  • Holter monitoring aids in detecting various cardiac abnormalities
  • Monitors heart for 24 continuous hours
  • Detailed report of hourly cardiac activity and sample strips of abnormalities
  • Holter monitor studies performed by RPI are interpreted by U.S. based Board certified cardiologists


Additional Services

  • Employee Services
  • Bone Mineral Density studies (coming soon)
  • Images and Reports Available Online