Radiation Physics, Inc., provides a full range of general ultrasound studies at bedside. Ultrasound studies of the abdomen, pelvic region, renal system and various other organs are available. All studies are recorded on appropriate media with representative images presented to our radiologists for review.


Vascular Doppler ultrasound utilizes sound waves to detect abnormalities in the venous and arterial vascular systems in the arms, legs and neck. Pathologies such as vascular stenosis, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and peripheral vascular disease can be diagnosed by utilizing Doppler technology.

Digital Ultrasound Equipment
Echocardiogram Image


Echocardiography utilizes high frequency sound waves to image the heart. This dynamic study allows the interpreting cardiologist to view the heart’s activity in real-time. Information such as overall heart size, chamber size, wall thickness and motion, ejection fraction, valve movements and blood flow can be accurately determined.

  • Full line of ultrasound studies available in the privacy of the patient’s room
  • Comprehensive studies and reports include recorded and printed images, relevant measurements and individual reports for each region examined
  • High quality images
  • All radiologists are U.S. based

Additional Services

  • Employee Services
  • Bone Mineral Density studies (coming soon)
  • Images and Reports Available Online