Portable x-rayRadiation Physics is a recognized leader in providing high quality digital and portable x-rays to the long term care community. We use the Fuji Medical Systems’ computed radiography (CR) for its high quality images. Conventional x-ray film has been replaced with high quality digital imaging. Our choice of Fuji Medical Systems is based on their proven leadership and innovation in the field of CR radiography.

This technology will improve the efficiency and quality of service to you and your residents in the following ways:

  • High quality digital images
  • Secure online access to patient studies and reports for nurses and physicians through our user friendly website and downloadable software
  • Online access to images for specialists, eliminating the wait for film deliveries
  • Mobile CR processing vehicle facilitates transmission of studies from the field for interpretation
  • Enhanced ability to decrease turnaround times
  • Bone Mineral Density studies (coming soon)
  • U.S. based radiologists

Our main goal at Radiation Physics is to provide the highest level of patient care. We strongly believe that the addition of digital radiography technology will bring us one step closer to providing total customer satisfaction.

Additional Services

  • Employee Services
  • Bone Mineral Density studies (coming soon)
  • Images and Reports Available Online