Frequently Asked Questions

How do I acquire a username to access results and images?

Please email: 

RPI will reply to your email within a few days with your new username and directions to set your password.

How do I acquire a password once I have a username?

Follow the directions to download the required software and set your password.

What should I do if my password is not working?

Please email password reset requests to

Can my facility access results for ECG’s, Doppler’s, Holter Monitors, and Pacemaker checks, online?

Yes. All RPI reports are posted online.

Will my facility still receive a hard copy of the results?

Yes. Immediately after the results are typed and finalized, our system automatically faxes a copy of the report to the nurses station. The green hard copy of the results will also be mailed to your facility weekly. 

What if the facility's computer is not working and we can’t access the results?

If your computer is not working or is unavailable, please call our Report/Transcription department to obtain results.

Can I still have the images delivered to the doctor or nursing home?

Yes. We will continue to provide our image delivery service. The images will be in the form of a CD. Additional software to view the images will not be required. 

Will RPI still be available for x-rays and ECG’s 24 hours a day?

Yes. Please call to make an appointment today!